The Best AML Software with Flexible Deployment Feature

The Best AML Software with Flexible Deployment Feature

AML-TRACE protects your company against financial crime and risks while making it compliant with the regulations set by the authorities. Configure its features as per your business needs to get maximum protection against financial fraud. In this way, give your business the flight without worrying about financial security.

Scaling up a business takes a lot. First, its growth potential has to be assessed. Second, you have to see if you have the necessary resources to actualize that potential and soar high among your competitors. The third concern is security, i.e., if your company is protected against any financial fraud or risk.

Imagine a situation where you are intimated by a stakeholder that you’re losing money through one channel when all this while you’ve been focusing on generating revenue through another business stream. Not a very pleasant situation to be in. AML-TRACE minimizes your chances of being in such a tough spot.

How it helps:

The team at Smart Infotech came up with the idea of incorporating the flexible deployment feature within the software, keeping in mind your business needs. So, the AML-TRACE software is:

  • Flexible

Configure the software’s screening parameters—name matching percentage, Nationality, Date of Birth—as per the requirements of your company. It is a sophisticated automated solution through which you can screen more than thousands of customers for their financial risk. This screening is done at the time of onboarding. Also, the client data keeps getting updated through simultaneous monitoring and is saved in the database. Further, AML-TRACE can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


  • Adaptable

The solution quickly adapts to align with your business goals. So, whether you need to scale up your business, deal with a regulatory issue, or add a new capability to meet customer demands, AML-TRACE has got your back. And all this while reducing the time & costs spent in achieving compliance. By helping you completely adhere to anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer requirements, it protects your company from serious consequences like reputational risks, hefty fines, or imprisonment of stakeholders.


  • Trusted

All our clients—individuals and enterprises—have reported complete satisfaction with AML-TRACE in terms of ease of use, achieving compliance, and protection against financial fraud. The expert know-how of the talented, experienced, and knowledgeable R&D team at Smart Infotech in IT architectures & systems, business processes, interaction and workforce management best practices has led us to come up with this convenient, reliable AML solution.

There’s a lot more that AML-TRACE does. It helps you maximize the efficiency of resources and deliver great customer experiences. It provides customer-driven services as per your budget to deliver a seamless fraud cover.


Its AI Advisor feature analyzes multiple additional variables beyond the rules criteria to reduce false positives. The additional insights it gives as a result of this can help give your business get a competitive edge. AML-TRACE even evaluates the associated risk level on the basis of a scoring model devised using risk parameters like Customer Type, Jurisdiction, Product, and Payment Mode, among others.


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