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About Dashboards

About Dashboards

With AML-TRACE, compliance issues, wasted time and money, and the insidious experience of alert fatigue are all a thing of the past. AML compliance is not a tough nut to crack if you reap the benefits of the AML-TRACE dashboard. A one-time installation of the software gives you easy access to the easy-to-operate dashboard. 

The software is specially designed to reduce the time wastage on false positives. Identifying risks and alerting people around is what the AML-TRACE software does. If the operator gets stuck with the software's interface for a split second? The dashboards make it easy for everyone to access the information and save time. 

Features of AML Compliance Dashboard

  • One-Stop Platform for Information

The dashboard offers the data your independent auditor needs for compliance evidence. They directly reach out to the dashboard for the data, making it time and effort-saving. 

  • Displays Critical Information:

It displays new violations, those under investigation, high-risk PEP customers, etc. Anything that directly affects the process of calculating the fraud financial activity is displayed upfront. 

  • Monitors and Configures:

Monitor customer transactions in real time and get a consolidated, single-pane view of important screening parameters. You can also configure how you view the real-time data to get accurate insights—whether in the form of charts or tables.

  • Assists AML Compliance:

On this platform, gather all the required data to fully adhere to the AML compliance program. One of the main goals of every financial institute using AML software is to fulfill the AML compliance laws and regulations. And our AML compliance program makes that happen.

  • Manage Multiple Tasks at Once:

It is the one-stop solution to govern, manage, & assure AML compliance throughout the organizational lifecycle. Manage multi-jurisdictional & cross-border AML-compliance requirements in an enterprise risk context. 

Enterprise-Specific Benefits With AML Compliance Dashboard

  • Increases Productivity 

Scale internationally and increase productivity. The AML-TRACE dashboard saves time and effort, thus boosting overall productivity. The more time the employees save by collecting information from one single platform, the more they are able to focus on other crucial tasks and improve productivity. 

  • Boosts Flexibility

This AML Compliance dashboard helps you adopt a flexible approach to keep pace with the constantly evolving money laundering typologies. Having everything mentioned upfront with pure transparency, the internal flexibility increases. People in the institution know what is happening around them and therefore adjust accordingly.

  • Better Risk-Detection

Companies can reassess and enhance their risk detection strategies using a data-driven, risk-based approach. AML-TRACE, our AML compliance software identifies illicit activities and alerts the authorities. Also, the data provided in the dashboard to perform AML pep screening can be used.

The AML-TRACE dashboard reduces wasted time by identifying potential matches and hibernating low-risk alerts. It presents a data mart that helps you arrive at the most accurate assessment of financial fraud risk. The software is designed in a way where it proactively acts on any unusual activity. This helps in avoiding any financial fraud. 

How does the AML-TRACE dashboard help your organization build competencies?

AML-TRACE is based on a state-of-the-art machine learning framework. The effective adoption of a risk-based approach for reliable customer screening and stringent anti-money laundering transaction monitoring for AML compliance thus becomes possible.

It identifies potential matches & thus improves operational efficiency. Besides, the dashboard ensures reduced effort and increased consistency in high-risk investigations as it dynamically & extensively analyzes customer profiles and transactional behavior.

Through it, compliance officers can easily view which customer transactions are being alerted as false positives. The AML-TRACE dashboard helps them identify patterns of unusual transaction activities across all kinds of customers. Our AML compliance program strives to simplify your efforts.

If the need arises, the dashboard also provides options for the stakeholders to view customer transaction history, check the frequency and amount of faulty transactions, and thus optimize organizational performance. 

Let’s see why you need an AML dashboard.

The Need For AML Compliance Dashboard To Protect Your Finances

We strive to assist you in complying with AML reporting guidelines easily. AML dashboard is a comprehensive view of all the updates and ongoing activities. It provides efficiency, improves productivity, and boosts transparency if it is not clear. These factors are rapidly becoming the easiest ways to identify the financial threat and proactively act on it. Our AML compliance program dashboard is a crucial tool for bank directors and compliance authorities to take an immediate stance toward the potential changes they need to make to the risks and performances. 

The dashboards can help financial institutions to accomplish critical compliance activities. 

  • Monitor the Risks and Raise Alerts:

The AML-TRACE software monitors the risks, if any, and identifies them without letting them cause any compliance breach. The software raises alerts when needed. This keeps everyone informed about the potential risks that reduce the chances of money laundering fraud. Before such software was invented, financial records were checked annually. With the pace of growing fraud and increasing technology, it is getting urgent for financial institutions to stay updated with the risks on a daily basis. The AML dashboard delivers up-to-date information to the bank executives that help them with AML compliance.

  • Monitoring the Performance:

Financial institutions usually have multiple systems for AML monitoring and compliance. Keeping an eye on all these platforms is tricky and complex, making it difficult for the institution to understand the underlying risk. The AML dashboards help in monitoring the effectiveness and optimizing the performance. The AML analytics dashboard tracks the health and performance indicators. The potential issues are found by keeping a bird’s eye view on the dashboard as it collectively displays different attributes concerning the company's work. 

  • Demonstrate AML Compliance:

One of the major roleplay of an AML dashboard is verifying system effectiveness. The AML monitoring systems are supposed to be validated and audited constantly. The AML regulators conduct periodic examinations that confirm the perfect configuration and optimization of the AML system. The dashboards can also be used as a medium to interact with the auditors and regulators. This is used to demonstrate the working of AML models and systems in real-time. The AML analytics dashboard is proved to be time-effective, effortless, and fruitful. Financial institutions can simply yield uncountable benefits from the AML dashboard. 

If you wish to know more about our AML program, do not hesitate to reach out to us.